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Hunting and Hunter Hirelings

Each Sunday from early September to the end of March we hunt with the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds.


Should you hunt with another club then we also offer Hunter Hirelings at £144 per day

What is involved?

  • Bloodhounds hunt men, this is known as hunting the “clean boot”, and means that no artificial scent is used; they hunt the natural scent of man only, who are referred to as ‘The Quarry’.
  • You will gain an understanding of what is involved by reading the KSB Good Hunting Guide and also the Conditions page

Where do you hunt?

  • The location is usually announced a week prior to the ride but is generally in the Surrey or West Sussex area.


  • Every Sunday during hunting season, meeting at 12.30

Riding Ability:

  • Advanced ONLY (can walk, trot, canter, gallop + Jump a minimum of three feet) + preferably with hunting experience.


  • £144 - does not include £50 day CAP


*Please note: All riders must have been for an assessment lesson or hack at our yard or ride regularly with us. 

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